Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC65 Review, As with all our quality vacuum cleaner reviews, we try and give you an unbiased overview of the product giving you all the details you require enabling you to make a good decision. We provide you with honest buying advice that you can trust. Use these best vacuum cleaner reviews to discover which features are the most important for your needs and then make your choice.

Review of the Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

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The Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most powerful upright vacuums on a ball, with twice the suction of most other vacuum cleaners with its Radial Root Cyclone technology. The brush bar that has been redesigned with shorter but stiffer bristles which allow more dirt to be removed because of the deeper penetration. Additionally, Dyson engineers have stripped back the design of the cleaner head so that the brush bar has an end to end coverage. No more irritating dirty strips at the base of skirting boards and cabinets, but it still maintains its superior performance on hard floors.

As a part of the special technology, the vacuum includes a self-adjusting cleaner head that contains in the power suction across both hard floors and carpets and allows easy steering into those hard to get to places. Some of the most important technologies are inside the ball and so removes any obstructions thereby making it easier to steer around and under furniture.
The Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner has an active base plate that self-adjusts to create optimal contact with every floor type and doesn’t lose power at the suction head. In fact, the DC65 has the best all-around pick-up of any Dyson vacuum.

Please note some of the pros and cons listed by customers who bought the Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


  • If you buy from one of our authorized resellers you will have a five-year warranty on labor and parts.
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • The brush bar gives you an extra quarter-power as it drives the bristles further into carpets so removing even more dirt.
  • The cleaner head self-adjusts and plugs in the suction through hard floors and carpets.
  • Ball technology- For easy steering into hard to get to places.
  • Easy assembly
  • Great suction.
  • Love the easy-empty canister although don’t empty indoors if you are an allergy sufferer.
  • I like the carrying handle location -it’s very easy to carry.
  • Very easy to glide back and forth – especially given its hefty Smooth transition between carpet and wood and tile floors
    35′ Cord
  • Washable filters to keep the air fresh coming out of vac
  • The automatic height adjustment works great, from cleaning hard floors to a deep plush carpet it adjusts without the operator doing a thing.
  • Very quieter in comparison with other vacuum cleaners I have used.
  • The extension is easy to pull out and reaches the top of my 14 stairs.


  • On the heavy side.
  • One person said that the ball tended to slide on tiles and hardwood floors but that it was not a major problem.

Should You Buy The Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

It certainly has many positive aspects. Great suction, quiet motor, ball technology, and a self-adjusting cleaner head. It has an easy to empty canister as well as a 35 ft cord. There may be a downside, however, it’s certainly isn’t cheap but like many other things you tend to get what you pay for. Many customers felt it was well worth the money particularly as it comes with 5-year parts and labor warranty which is a great bonus. There were a few customers who thought the vacuum cleaner was rather heavy (although some said it was easy to carry!!) and also that the ball tended to slide a little when used on hardwood or tiles.

You may need to note that it does not come with a retractable cord and there are only a few attachments provided. To sum up I would like to quote the words of a customer who said “you are getting a great vacuum cleaner at a great price given the quality you’re getting”

Customers Reviews

By Lynrie: 

I jumped at the opportunity to trial and review a Dyson because of positive word of mouth AND the 5-year warranty. I’m impressed with the suction power and control on various surfaces even though it took me a while to adjust to the steering. No vacuum bags to replace, there’s plenty of electric cord length to navigate around my house too. My only complaint is I’d like a retractable cord, but I’ll live.

It may not have a scad of attachments included BUT you can buy whatever else you need AFTER you figure out IF you really need them. Vacuum cleaner repair/replacement costs every few years is a thing of the past. This may be as good as it gets in my vacuum cleaner world. I’m glad I have it and it’s quality to flexibly manage my multi-surface floor housekeeping efforts going forward.

By Ellie G

Does well on both hardwood floors, vinyl, and carpet.

By A.Zerkle

This Dyson DC65 is the gladiator of vacuum cleaners. Cleaning is not something most of us enjoy and this machine helps cut down the time you spend doing it. It’s efficient. It really is stronger than other machines I’ve had and moves under tight cupboard areas with ease. It’s easy to move this machine around and the weight of it is amazingly light.

By Don

It’s amazing. It effortlessly goes from carpet to hardwood. Nice long cord. Makes floors look as if they were just steam cleaned. Can tell difference in allergies with our family.

By C.Rogers

We’ve owned several Dyson products, including a few of the handhelds and Dyson consistently impresses me. Each new model seems to outperform the last, and the DC65 is no exception.
This unit replaces a somewhat aged, but perfectly functional Dyson Slim we’ve used for several years now. In terms of suction and performance, I can say there is a noticeable improvement. The motor noise seems a bit quieter as well.
Although we used our older Dyson Slim on both hard floors and carpet, it didn’t seem to handle hard floors as well as carpet. The DC65 does a much better job here. As advertised, the head adjusts itself to keep a more consistent level of suction as you transition between floor types (you need to tilt the unit back a bit to get the carpet adjustment set but its simply done).
Although we’ve had a few Dyson’s, none of which included the Ball, which I call the “power steering of the vacuum world”. I noticed much less fatigue after vacuuming the whole house with the DC65 was opposed to our former Dyson Slim.
The fact that you do not need to replace vacuum bags or filters makes Dyson’s a no-brainer, in my opinion. It’s easy to remove and holds a fair amount of dirt before needing to be emptied
Getting hair and carpet strands out of the brush head is easier than the Slim we previously had. This is a great improvement since I can attest to spending many hours untangling everything from hair to the wire from lost earbuds on our Slim.
One way I noticed how well the DC65 worked was by seeing how little dust collected on everything throughout the house after we started using it. It was noticeably reduced. Dyson tends to meet its marketing promises better than most any other company. Read More At Amazon.Com

By Carter H

Dyson is a work of art as a machine. The attachments are easy to attach and use. The vacuum has extreme suction power. It easily maneuvers the room and obstacles like furniture and protrusions of cabinetry. The DC65 was able to clean all the floors in the house with just one pass instead of having to go over and over each spot again.

If you hate vacuuming this thing will make you like it. My only complaint and reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 are that it is heavier than I would have liked, and also I find that the hose isn’t quite long and stretchy enough. As well, although there is a place for the two attachments it comes with, they don’t stay on and I have to store them somewhere else. But overall, the good outweighs the bad.

Everything can be taken apart and cleaned without a screwdriver or other tools.

By Ladybug

I am so shocked at myself for feeling this way, but I’m a little disappointed with this Dyson vacuum. There is much hype surrounding these machines, and, especially for the price, I was expecting more.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a powerful vacuum! It works great on carpet, is easy to maneuver (on carpet), and sucks EVERYthing up. I also like that it is easy to vacuum ceiling corners since the vacuum comes with a very long plastic extension tube that is basically built-in to the softer plastic hose–when fully extended, you get a good ten feet of hose, so it is easy to reach places that are high above.

On the other hand, the vacuum feels bulky and awkward to me when used on hard floors; it goes straight forward and straight back without a problem, but if you try to move this thing side to side, get ready for a workout. It just doesn’t want to change direction without some serious effort–more effort than I’m used to, honestly.

So, overall, yes, I agree with other reviewers that Dyson makes a powerful machine. And I loved using it on the carpet and those up high, hard-to-reach places (like ceilings and curtains). But I thought it was pretty mediocre on the hard floors, and I didn’t like how awkward it felt to vacuum with the hose.

By OlyNomad

I have always wondered what is so special about a Dyson vacuum cleaner that it gets talked about as much as it does and people are willing to spend what they do on them. I found the answer on this machine…suction power. This vacuum cleaner had by far the most impressive and strongest suction power of any vacuum cleaner that I’ve ever used. Five stars all the way for suction power. The pet hair it managed to pull up was jaw-dropping.

But I’m not so impressed by the rest of it. It doesn’t feel sturdy. I don’t find the design of it comfortable and to me, it is heavy, clunky, and awkward when trying to use and steer it. I am spoiled by retractable cords and this vacuum cleaner does not have one, it does, however, have a nice long cord.
Assembly was easy. I really like the washable filters and that it comes with a 5-year warranty and how easy it is to empty out.

By S.Williams

It is fairly similarly designed to previous models, with the ball head that glides easily across various floor surfaces and the telescoping wand that connects to your hand tools and extends high enough to clean ceiling fans and heat/air grates on our 10-foot ceilings. It’s lightweight, maneuverable and the canister is easy to empty with the flip of a button. All the parts also come off easily for cleaning, which helps to improve the vacuum’s life.

Yes, Dyson costs more just about every other vacuum out there, but I’ve found you get what you pay for. Dyson has exemplary customer service, plus one of the longest warranties in the business, which they really stand behind. As devoted Dyson fans, the DC65 doesn’t disappoint and I think it’s a great vacuum at a fair price, given the quality you’re getting. Read More At Amazon.

What’s in the box?

  • DC65 Animal Multi floor vacuum
  • Operating Manual
  • Quickstart guide
  • Stair tool
  • Combination accessory tool
  • Product registration card
  • 5-year warranty

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