How To Organize Your Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen In One Day

Home Cleaning and organizing your home not easy. If you’re honest with yourself, you already know how to organize your kitchen – but who has the time? Instead of throwing your hands up in disgust – you might want to spend more time working on getting your kitchen disaster under control. This doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. You can learn how to organize your kitchen in one day – here are the steps to culinary space bliss.

Start By Throwing Out the Old and Unused

The first lesson on how to organize your Home begins with a hard look at the current refrigerator contents and cabinet supplies. You need to throw away –

  • Anything that’s expired
  • Anything that smells or is leaking from the container
  • Anything that you don’t recognize – especially in the freezer
  • After you’ve done this, you will notice your kitchen has lightened up dramatically.

Next – you need to start putting aside items that you don’t use – that cheesecake pan, those old canned goods, etc. These sorts of items aren’t unusable, but if you’re not going to use them in the next month, you might want just to donate them to a charity center. This includes appliances that you don’t use or that you don’t need.

Determine How You Cook

Many people don’t realize that how they cook is often the main reason for their kitchen disorganization. Because you’re always looking for something you need and putting it back into an unrealistic place – you set up chaos in this space. Instead – think about where you cook and eat and make changes that make sense.

  • Place cups and mugs close to tea and coffee supplies.
  • Have your eating utensils near your plates and serving dishes.
  • Put cooking utensils in a drawer near the stove.
  • Place spices in cabinets near the stove and cooking pans.

Think about how you would ideally have your kitchen setup and then start moving items to those areas. Things you don’t use on a regular basis can go in out of reach cabinets and spaces until you do need them. Moving these items is a massive task in how to organize your kitchen – but since this system makes sense to you – it will be easier to maintain.

Looking in Your Fridge

You also need to clean out your fridge when you learn how to organize your kitchen. Think about ways to store items so that you know they’re available and so that they’re not wasted. Use the bottom drawer, for example, not for crisping vegetables, but for items that you don’t want to eat regularly – sweets, creams, etc. Place vegetables on the top shelves in clear view, meats and perishables on the bottom shelf to reduce the possibility of spilling onto other foods.

Make sure you only have enough food to fit into your shelves – that way comfortably, you will always use up what you have and keep things neat. As an added bonus, it will also help you when you make your shopping list.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers Make Sense

If you haven’t invested in kitchen cabinet organizers – it’s about time you do. Not only will these organizers help you get your mess under control – they will also help you conveniently store food items in your cabinets so you can easily tell when it’s time to shop again. Even if you don’t try to organize every cabinet, these kitchen cabinet organizers can help the worst offenders in your kitchen space – the spices, the cans, and the baking goods.

Lazy Susans Didn’t Go Out of Style.

Remember when you used to go into a cabinet and find a little turntable for the spices and other items? Those convenient little turntables were called Lazy Susans, and they’re just as popular today as they were back then. These kitchen cabinet organizers help you by allowing you to place items on this table for immediate access. Since the table turns – you can get to the back items as easily as the front items, and vice versa.

These Lazy Susans come in a variety of sizes so you can add as many items as your cabinet space can hold. It’s a good idea to use several of these pieces to help your cabinets have different categories per Lazy Susan – i.e., spices, sauces, etc.

Risers for Spices

If your spice collection is enormous, you might need more than a Lazy Susan. Risers and step-like kitchen cabinet organizers work in a similar way. With little shelves for spices – these organizers slowly increase in height so that you can see what’s on the back row just as easily as you can see the front row. This makes grabbing the right spice easy – and putting it back even easier.

No more looking for space in your cabinet and then re-buying a spice because you can’t find it.

Corner Systems

When you have corner cabinets – you might be stuck in how best to use this space. With corner systems, you will find these kitchen cabinet organizers will actually pull out of the corners to bring your canned goods to you instead of having you hunt around the back of the cabinets. All you need to do is install the corner system to the door of the cabinet and fold it into space.

You might also want to install turning cabinets in these spaces so that you can have a permanent Lazy Susan arrangement that helps you use all the space and still access everything you’ve stored. No one will be the wiser. With innovative kitchen cabinet organizers – you will be able to maximize your space without compromising on style or function. These are just a few of the options you have available at your local kitchen supply store. Be sure to keep your eyes open and get the best fit for your kitchen.

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